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3/20/2016 spring specials;
1. Fourteen to sixteen foot Norway Spruce or Canadian Hemlock at 375$each plus freight of 2800 to Long Island$, 16-20 on a truck depending on the size rootball  (44" or 48").
2. 14-16' Green Giants from Alabama, #1 quality @ 600$each plus 3500$freight to Long Island ,we get 15 on a trailer in 48" rootball.

3. We have excellent 14-16' Leyland Cypress , with 30 on a trailer using a 45" Optimal tree spade from GA @ 3500$freight to Long Island and 425$each tree prices.

4. Only Nine remain tagged #2 grade Green Giants 18-20' tall, 600 each plus 2800$freight to Long Island. They look great , most have slight blemish low and one just one side.
5. Seventy  trees make a load of naylors blue cypress/murray cypress/leylands 9-10' tall, 140$each plus 2800$freight to Long Island

. We are a wholesale tree nursery with locations in NC, VA, and a partner location near Atlanta, GA. Our primary customer base is in NY, especially Long Island, Hamptons, CT, NJ, MA, RI, PA and VA. At Watterson Tree Farm, we have privacy trees like the Thuja Green Giant, the Yoshino Cryptomeria, the Magnolia, and Leyland Cypress trees for sale. Every tree at our tree farm acts as a good screen tree; Hollies are also good screen privacy trees for shady areas.

Wholesale trees, $2,500min order.

email us at leylandgd@yahoo.com
or call David Watterson at 240-498-8054 before 8 am or after 6 pm

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The pictured below are of seven foot Thuja Green Giants that we planted on a customer’s site.

Wholesale Trees

Leyland Cypress Trees Wholesale

We grow, dig and sell wholesale nursery trees. Field grown, Ball and Burlap (B&B). We specialize in deer resistant and privacy screen trees like Thuja Green Giant, Yoshino Cryptomeria, Magnolia, Nellie Stevens Hollies, and Leyland Cypress trees wholesale. We don’t handle flowers, and we don’t have a staff available at our wholesale tree nursery to show retail customers around our fields. We don’t sell anything at retail. You can’t come to our wholesale tree farm and pick up material.

Watterson Tree Farm starts with 1 or 3 gallon trees which come from superior plant stock. Our general manager, David Watterson, buys directly from several container producers, located in NC. He hand-picks the young trees that we plant in our fields, in the varieties that grow best in our prime customer areas of Long Island, NY, NJ, CT MA, and RI. We plant the cultivars that your customer wants. We specialize in deer resistant and privacy screen trees, as well as wholesale Christmas trees, although we also carry some Crepe Myrtles, flowering specimen trees, Maples, and Zelkova to fill out your truck.

When you place an order, our seasoned, professional crew produces a tight root ball that’s easy to handle at the jobsite. Our trees are centered in the rootball, and the ball is the right size for that caliper of tree of that species. For example, we supply our 14’ size trees with a 44” rootball, and we weave seat belt material through the ears of the wire basket for easy unloading by our customers.

We also have an irrigated holding area for summer digging. We can send you trees that are ready to take a truck ride and still arrive at a summertime jobsite looking moist and healthy. We use only a few of the best independent truckers, and David Watterson coordinates with you to get your trees delivered on time. They have the correct tarps so trees do not arrive wind-burned.

At Watterson Tree Farm, we sell wholesale nursery trees. And that’s it.

If you’re looking to buy privacy screen trees or deer resistant varieties like the Leyland Cypress trees wholesale, then you’ve come to the right place. What we mean by wholesale is this: You need to have a $2,500 minimum order to qualify. You don’t need to send us any information to prove you are in the nursery business. We sell directly to homeowners and landscapers.

David Watterson will answer all your questions, which variety is best for you, what is the optimal spacing, when is the safest time to plant, etc.
240-498-8054  before 8 am, or after 6 pm weekdays, or on weekends anytime

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